Ref Guide for Essential Oils App Reviews


I would love to give this app 5 stars but it so badly needs an update. Young Living has come out with so many new oils (and blends) that this needs to be updated. BADLY

Amazing app but needs update

Love this but please update to reflect new oils

My go to app but needs updating!

I love this app as it is my go to for YL essential oils but it needs to be updated with newer oils.

Love it BUT time for an update!

Full of great info but needs to be updated!


This company has stolen information from Young Living without their permission. Shame on you! Delete!

Reference guide for essential oils

Thorough east to use

Love it! But time to update

I absolutely love this app! I purchase it as a “thank you” gift to my new distributors for them to have at ease access to information when they need it, wherever they are! Because it is YL specific, this app makes sense for me and my downline versus other apps out there. The extensive information provided is an amazing resource, especially for the rookie oilers out there! It has been my EO “bible.” Is it perfect? No. It is definitely time for an update. The company is continually adding, removing, and reformulating their singles and blends according to specific crop availability. Kudos to YL for leading the way in the EO industry and bringing quality essentials oils into our homes. Since the app developers are marketing an app specific to one company, there is a need to update based on company availability. Again, still your best app option for an EO reference guide.

No longer on my phone

Mine is gone off my iphone ??

Need updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The app hasn’t been updated since 2016 and I just spoke with Abundant Health and they said they’re working on it but probably not for another six months I can’t recommend this to my new members if it’s not gonna be up-to-date with the recent oils hire more people get the job done!

Update the app

Seriously the app is $6.99 and it isn’t even formatted for the iPhone X screen I want a refund.

I love this app - needs updating tho

I have to say, for it being a free app, it is very useful for a quick go-to reference when I need to know what oil/oil’s are best for a certain condition. It would be lovely if it could be up dated, however!

Please update

There has not been an update in a year! It seems since you came out with a 2018 hard copy reference book, you can surely transfer that information to the app.

Great app

It’s my go to for most ailments. Love all the info. Only thing I would improve is updating with newer oils coming out. Other than that i love it.

When will there be an update?

I have used this app multiple times daily not two years now but it is badly in need of an update of info!!! When will this happen???

Superior App

This is a great app for people looking to understand the science of essential oils. I have even used it to create my own blends with great success. Offers twice what other apps offer. Even has a shop to purchase containers, oils, bottles, and equipment of great quality at a cheaper price than I have ever found in any store. If you are serious about essential oils this is the only app you will ever need.

My go to ap

I have reference this app more than my reference books. It easy to use, has pleasant graphic but, it drives deep into each oil. Gives, the use, the chemical constituents, the folklore and much more. Suitable for bother newbies and experienced oilers. I love the extras it offers too much to list. $6.99 might seem pricey, but I found its paid for itself 10x, everyone a customer calls with a question the answer is right there at my fingertips....and that confidence builder is priceless!

Please update already?!

I would give more stars if the issues being addressed in most previous reviews were being answered. I have 2 other ref guide apps for my EO’s that were free and they both allow me to add the oils I have to a “My Oils” list for easy reference. Seems for $6.99, this app should provide the same and do one better...allow a “shopping list” where we can list the oils we have and are running low on so we can place our next order with ease. Finally...I’d pay a few dollars more, if you could add to a “My Oils” list a function where the app spits out what ailments we can treat with the oils we have and what blends we can make with the oils we have. I know that last one is wishful thinking...but please provide a better service than the free apps! Finally....the oils need some updating, especially the blends section. Thanks for hearing my review!

Great App, but needs updating

This app is my go-to for looking up helpful info for my YL essential oils. I’ve noticed that updates to some of the blends have not happened. Would love to see an update. This is the app that I suggest to everyone.

Decent, but in need of an update!

I have used this app for several years, along with several others. I find it user-friendly, however, it is in some serious need of updates. The blends, and other product ingredients are not updated when a product becomes reformulated, making the information a bit misleading. Abundant Health, you can do better!

Notes function is disappointing

I have added notes to 15 of the oils but only 8 appear when I click on the notes oils tab. I was hoping this app would help me track my use but it seems to be more work than what it is worth.


Will there be an update soon with the new products released for 2017

Not Helpful

Hard to use. Confusing. When you look up a condition such as acne, you get a list of about 20 oils. TMI. Just give me the best 3-4. They don’t give any direction on best usage, inhale, consume, rub on. Of course there is a section to buy more from them. Not designed to help the user, just to put more money in their pocket for a crappy product. If their app is this bad, I would not trust buying their oils. They are likely as diluted and ineffective as this app is.

Very helpful

I use the app daily. I would love an option to pin/flag the oils I have and also the ability to create a wish list. Another great option would be a place where I can create a daily (morning/noon/night) routine list.

Update needed badly...

I used to love this app, it was hands down the best! Not saying there wasn’t room for improvement because added features are always a plus, but it had the info I really needed readily available, however, the app is no longer working for me, it will not being up any of the topics and only some of the oils now, maybe it’s not compatible with the last iPhone update? Anywho, I can not access info I used to be able to use and I emailed costumer service and never received a reply...☹️

Needs an update

Newer oils need to be added and corrections made. There are 2 listings for myhrr each with a different Latin name, however, when listed by common name, biblical sweet myrhh is shown with both Latin names. Not correct. Please fix.

I like the app, but....

It could use an update with the new oils added.

Pretty good

Pretty good, but it needs to be updated with the new oils that have been put out along with more topics in the personal guide.

Needs updating

Great source. Just needs updated. I use this frequently but have been disappointed that all of the oils are not in it. Most of them are but some that I have been wanting info on are not in it.

Needs updating.

Would really like to see an update with updated products. Great reference for what it has.

Wonderful Reference

I have this book (several editions), and I'm so happy to see it in an app form that will be updated!! I will use this app all the time! Thank you!!!

Please Update!

Please add ALL of the products, not just the oils: personal products, supplements, seedlings line, etc.


Need other brand of oils ... Not just YL

Great app, but much room for improvement

I love this app & use it daily. However, many of the newer oils are not listed, which is rather frustrating. Also, it would be great to have the supplements & personal care items included as well like they are in the hard copy of the Abundant Health Reference Guide. The book has so much more information than the app, but it's quite bulky & not easily transportable. I love having the app on the go, but it needs the newer oils included & more information from the book.


I love this app. I've been using it for years as a quick reference guide for my Young Living essential oils! I recommend this app to everyone!

It's a good generic guide, needs customization

I'm just starting in EO, so it would be nice to have the ability to create a bookmark section or a "my oils" section that allows me to see what the oils I own are for and what recipes I can make with what I have.

Please update this useful tool!!!

Paying for an app that doesn't get updated...

Really great app

Thorough, clear, informative, pretty, easy to use, great suggestions, a place for notes. Highly recommend and worth the money.

What happened?

I love this app and use it all the time, but now all I get is a blank white page.


Love this app and I use it almost daily!!! Just needs to add the supplements and it would be perfect!

Great App

Perfect and quick reference guide for all YL related oils. I love how you can search my single oil, blends and by symptoms.


I like this App but I would like it to have an update setting where you could read in different languages ​​not only English, it is very useful but it would help me more if I had the option of reading in Spanish. I hope you take it into account soon, thank you.

Great app!

Love the app; only suggestion would be to update it more frequently and if we could click on the oils in the guide section and it would take us to the specific information for the specific oil.

A bit inconvenient/clunky while using

There are three things that I wish were better: 1. I wish I could mark/flag all the oils I have into one list. Something easier to manage than the massive list within the app (which also has benefits). 2. I wish the app had live links. If I'm looking in the guide and it says use Thieves, I wish I could click "Thieves" on that page to jump to the oil info page. 3. Finally I wish the blends had a "common primary uses" section like the single oils do. While the app has lots of information, the actual interaction with the app is a bit of a bummer for the price.


Made the mistake of downloading a different essential oils reference app in search of this one and it was the worst app I've ever used. This one is so easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Love but blends need updating

I love this app, remember it is a guide. You still need to do some research and use common sense. I do wish that they would update the blends, many of the oils listed in the blends are not correct, many have been reformulated. This seems like an easy fix. I recommend this all of the time but can't if there is too much mis-info. Will this be happening soon?

Great product

Use it all the time. Worth the money!

Love this app and I use it daily!

Love this app! It keeps getting better, with more info being added :) So convenient! Thank you so much!!!

Really intended just for Young Living oils

I'm sure it's useful if you only use oils from that company, but I was hoping for something not affiliated with any particular company. If you have strong brand loyalty for Young Living, you'll probably like this.

Good info, but room for improvements

I would like to be able to flag the oils that I actually have, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. Ideally I'd be able to flag the ones I want too, which would help when I place my next order. Also "have, but running low on" would be nice! You can make notes on essential oils, but you don't seem to be able to access more than 4 notes from the Single Oils section, and 3 notes from the Blends section. The notes also do not appear in either alphabetical order by oil, nor in the order in which I entered them. And they can't be sorted or reordered. Not all of the oils are listed (Valor II, for example, is missing) so it's time for the maker to do an update. And just in case it's not clear from the product description, the blends it lists are all Young Living blends. If you have oils from elsewhere you might find the single oil section helpful, but probably not the blends (unless you want to try mixing your own I guess!) Bottom line: none of the above would be issues if I didn't find the underlying information helpful. So I'm glad to have the app, but they could do a lot to make it more user friendly.

So quick! So thorough!

I have the big, heavy, spiral-bound Essential Oil Desk Reference, which is great and comprehensive. And did I mention? ...heavy. This app is so quick and easy to use and gives me a lot of the same info, at my fingertips - literally! While I'm out and about... while I'm lying in bed... it's right here! It's definitely one of the best uses of my $6.99 in a long time! I'm recommending it to all my "oily" friends! Thanks SO much!!!

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