Ref Guide for Essential Oils App Reviews

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Great app

I really like using this app, however, I cannot seem to add notes on my iPad. Could someone please let me know how to do this?

Great app for on the go!

I love the ease and portability of this app!! If Im out and about and dont have access to my desk reference, this app is a lifesaver! My only request would be to add the newer blends.

Please update!

I refer to this guide often on the road but when I look up an oil and its not in the phone guide, Im a bit disappointed. Please, PLEASE update!

Do Not UPDATE!!....FDA Alert!!!

If you have the older version of this APP. I say and repeat many times DO NOT UPDATE IT!!. I cannot stress this enough. If you update it will not work as there has been many Essential Oils that claim to cure things and some do but the FDA is cracking down and trying to put a stop and end to it. So if you update and it doesnt work blame it on the FDA.

Want a 5 star kind of love

I was extremely excited to have this information in an app format & not have to lug a book around a lol the time. Alas the app is not quite user friendly. Being able to tap on a oil name & be taken to that oil page would be a huge advantage. Currently you have to go back a forth from the guide & oil tabs & it doesnt save your place where you left off. Notes can only be added in oils sections, there is no general "notes" section. Saving a favorite or being able to mark an oil you have/want would be a nice perk. Lastly, some information seems to be missing/incorrect/out of date.

Love this app

I love this app. It is easy to use and comprehensive. It would be nice if it has all of the newer oils in it too

Whats going on?

All of a sudden I cant use his app; the icon says waiting and I cant access the information. When I try to delete it (and then download again) it wont delete. Is this an improvement gone awry? PLEASE FIX!!!!

Last update

Since the last update my app has not opened. It has been saying its "waiting". When will this issue be resolved? I cant delete the app to reinstall it.

Use everyday but....

Please Please update!!!!! Needs new information!

Wont open

I loved this app until I had to reboot my iPhone and now it wont load. There isnt an update waiting on the app or on my phone. When it worked it was a great reference tool! Unlike any other.

Wont open

I wanted to launch the app and noticed it was greyed out. So I tried to update the app and it wont open. I tried to delete it and it wont let me delete the app. Its been greyed out for 1.5 weeks. I just paid $7 for this app and only had it for 1 month! Really upset.


Id love to be able to star particular oils that I own and have them into a separate folder that I can browse through, and also a folder for oils that I need to purchase. More updates and improvements please! Good job yall!

Best reference for ylo in the palm of my hand!

Ive not been able to find a better reference app for my oils! This one really goes into the science & tells you exactly what body function each one will support! Love it!

The best one Ive found.

Lots of pages & information, better than any other one Ive come across.


Wow straight out of the gate what a fantastic reference tool. Two improvements I would like to see to make a very good app great are dilution charts/safety and pretty please a way to copy and paste into the note section so that our favourite blends are right there with the symptoms we use them for or the oils that we use. Great job!

Easy to always have on hand

Perfect little comprehensive oil companion to carry in my bag. Wish it included a diagram of the vita flex points for hand and feet though, not just auricle. The Application section seems incomplete. Great beginning version. Thumbs up.


Most in depth and extensive app Ive see for essential oils. Definitely worth the money!!! The setup is easy to use and really helps to understand essential oils. I highly suggest that you purchase this app!

Alphabet guide

Great app. I would like to be able to touch the letter of the oil I am looking for to be able to find it quicker instead of going through them all.

Rip off - nothing more then an online store

I emailed and no response. This is nothing more then an app for their own products. All the info is easily accessible online. The price is ridiculous for nothing more then to shop their products. Thoroughly disappointed in not just the money wasted on app but the lack of response from them. Good luck if you plan on buying from them.

Great app

This a fabulous app and will definitely be utilized! Love that it shows oils and VitaFlex. Wish it mentioned supplements too as these are also important for health support. Please consider adding this.

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